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Bruno Kristo & Ramona Kristo: artist duo living on Earth, The Solar System, The Milky Way, Local Group, Virgo Super-Cluster, Known Universe and working primarily in Antwerp, Belgium, European Union.


Some of their works are rooted in primordial, archetypal & dystopian narratives, and expanded towards an investigation of humans' relationship with space, time and self. Others dwell in opposition thereto, leaning towards lighthearted, ludic, at times even absurdist explorations. 


Not fond of compliance and canon, Kristo&Kristo's visual language and choice of mediums, materials and techniques is eclectic and favors the ignoble. 


Recent honours of their work include the acquisition of 'the miracle of the (not yet Holy) cloud' in the permanent collection of the Saint Magdalene church in Bruges, the installation 'Leve Zwijndrecht!' for public display in Zwijndrecht-Burcht, participation in the group show 'Hors Commerce is ook commerce' at Gallery Ronny Van de Velde, an extended solo exhibition of ‘the lamentation over the Solar Child’ in the revered Saint Paul’s Church during the cultural festival 'Antwerp Baroque. Rubens Inspires' (still on view) and the acquisition of ‘the resurrection of Antigoon’ by Port of Antwerp as the first artwork to permanently accompany the new Port House by Zaha Hadid.

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