Artist couple living and working in Antwerp, Belgium. 


A great deal of their sculptures are rooted in the Great Stories of humanity and boldly expanded towards a dystopian investigation of our relationship with space, time and self. Others amass to more absurdist, misleadingly lighthearted embodiments of variations on the same themes. 


Not fond of compliance and canon, their choice of mediums, materials and techniques is eclectic and favours the ignoble. Bitumen, for example, is virtually nonexistent in the material repertoire of fine art but bountifully present in Kristo&Kristo's visual language.


Recent honours of their work include: participation in the group show 'Hors Commerce is ook commerce', Gallery Ronny Van de Velde, Knokke-Zoute (2019), an extended solo exhibition of ‘the lamentation over the Solar Child’ in the revered Saint Paul’s Church in Antwerp during the cultural festival 'Antwerp Baroque. Rubens Inspires' (2018-2019, still on view), the acquisition of ‘the resurrection of Antigoon’ by Port of Antwerp as the first artwork to permanently accompany the new Port House by Zaha Hadid (2017) and an extended solo exhibition of ‘E.A.D 97K’ in dialogue with the iconic Pieter Breugel the Elder’s ‘Dulle Griet’ in the closed collection of the Mayer van den Bergh Museum (2016).

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